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The most beautiful place of Vertes - beautiful natural sites - a picturesque setting for Sale

Ref.N°   VTK023  
Telephone   +36-(30)-574-2743  
E-mail   polarxm5@gmail.com  
Buy the the most beautiful land of your lives!

Vertes recreational park - ideal for families with small children, in a home.

This is a healthy and friendly environment is an ideal choice for those who are essential to the proximity of nature, the crystal clear air. When she comes home after a tired day, sit in the shade of trees in a shady terrace, sip wine and admire the wonderful Neszmélyi magical beauty of the lakeside landscape.

The area of the Vertes Mountains north-western part of the Nagysomlyó Hill is located in picturesque surroundings. The recreational park Vertes Komárom-Esztergom county, outskirts of Tatabánya Környe adjacent to the M1 motorway is just 5 km away, while roads in the neighborhood of Vértessomló away. Frequented location, as in all cities of the area within a radius of 70 km is located in Budapest, Győr, Székesfehérvár, Tatabánya, Esztergom, Komárom, Tata.

The property is inland resort, which is 50 hectares of land. The planned more than 250 sites in the lakes is directly located next to 93 pieces of land full Public-utility development is completed. The roads are full base, crushed stone wrapped in the future will be asphalting. The pump stations, drainage ditches, open and covert, to the land above the parking places are planned. Installed in the underground water collection system, of which the lake is ready for piping. The street lighting in working order. Utilities are located within the borders of the land: water, sewer, electricity, gas. The required quota is available. Telecommunications: phone, antenna, broadband Internet (DSL), alarm system, street backbone implemented systems.

The environment is very rich in tourism - the historic heritage and environmental values - provides the possibility of active recreation. The only tenants for a 10-hectare clear-water lakes twin, perfect for boating, fishing and water sports. Nicely developed sandy beach provides the opportunity for sunbathing, swimming and recreation. The park's total area protected by fencing.

There are many recreational facilities, tourist attractions here. Only accessible by car within half an hour of their settlements, where services can be found at the European level: Komáromi Spa Bath and Spa. Tata Old Lake Golf & Country Club and Máriavölgyi Pannonia Golf & Country Club. Nearby is the Hilltop Neszmély winery. Directly next to the recreational park in Gerecse Protected Area for more than 8700 hectares of untouched forests, an unforgettable experience for the trip.

Inquire in writing: polarxm5@gmail.com
Website: www.vertesudulopark.hu 


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